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A womans guide to a married affair

Today, having a married affair is really no big deal. Thousands of men and women stay married even when they feel no passion for one another. The reasons could be numerous, from financial stability to security and children. Nevertheless, a cheating encounter is something that can land a woman in a lot of trouble. It can give her husband a lot of leverage if he wishes to file for divorce and custody of the children. This is why, before a woman discovers the world of cheating, she must understand a few basics that can make the journey smother and much more enjoyable.Married affair club image

Find A Married Affair Partner

Choose a partner your husband will never suspect. This doesn’t mean that you have a discreet affair with your driver of gardener. But never ever have an affair with a common friend, or anyone that you husband knows well too. No matter how many advances such a man makes towards you and even if you are equally attracted to him, a marital affair with a common friend is a sure shot way of getting caught and getting in trouble. Choose a safe partner, someone your husband and family will never know or meet in public. It could be someone you meet on a commute to work, an old high school friend or even an overseas business associate.

Try and keep all expenses bared on the illicit affair a secret. A extramarital affair sometimes gets a little expensive. The reasons are expensive hotel bills that allow more privacy; taxi rides to avoid being seen in his or your car and sometime spontaneous tickets out of town to spend a romantic weekend with the man you have chosen for your married affair. All these things cost a lot of money and a smart woman spares no expense if it means it offers you a safe environment where you will never run in to your husband or any of his friends. Maintain a secret bank account or credit card that allows you to do all these. Have the bills delivered to your office, never at home for a successful no strings attached encounter.

Getting away with a married affair

Ensure that when you tell your husband you are going out with friends, 3 out of 5 times you actually do. Sometimes husbands do get curious. And it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if your wife is having a married affair. So arrange to meet your girlfriends alone several times in a month, so that when you give that excuse to see your boyfriend your husband doesn’t suspect you.

This one may be the toughest of them all. If you aren’t ready to leave your husband and the security of your marriage, do not fall in love with the man you are having a secret encounter with. A married affair can offer you a chance at spontaneity, passion and a new surge of feelings. Also, always keep your children in the dark. You don’t want them to think any lesser of you when they grow up.